Here’s to Newman and Springborg who were very much on my mind Friday night. They were on my minds because I spent most of the evening in the Emergency Dept at Cairns Hospital. My husband had an accident at home and was rushed by ambulance to an extremely busy ED but despite all the chaos going on around us (including a chopper coming in) he was cared for by the amazing, talented, respectful, educated, kind and caring medical staff. As mentioned, I had these two men very much on my mind, as I also, proudly work at Cairns Hospital in Pathology and couldn’t help but wonder how they would feel if a loved one of theirs were in the same bed my husband was in and they were sitting in the seat I was sitting in watching what amazing work our senior doctors, junior doctors and nurses do. Of course that would never happen because they would not use the public system, only private for them I would imagine. My husband was taken to surgery and is home now and I am so grateful for the work these wonderful people do under extremely stressful conditions. They have our 100% support and hope they continue to fight for their patients. Newman and Springborg, let these people do what they are trained and committed to do and let them get on with their jobs. Until you can go in and save lives give them the respect to do what they do best.