Have suffered with a medical condition for 23 years. Awaiting an operation at Nambour hospital. Category 2. Disputes with contracts have meant my procedure is two months overdue. Have been unable to work for 14 months now due to severe pain and fatigue. I am blessed to have an expert surgeon performing this delicate operation. I have never been able to afford private health cover due to being a sole parent with minimal income. It is our god given right to have the best medical care possible regardless of financial status.. Why should a politician have the right to play god and sabotage the lives and Healthcare of the Australian people and the medics who strive to deliver top care to every Australian regardless of status. Due to being at the mercy of my condition and the disgusting Qld disputes my life has been placed on hold for 16 months leading to severe depression and at times hopelessness so severe that i felt unable to go on. Nobody should be punished and made to suffer because of a financial pecking order. It is inhumane. It is a violation of our rights as human beings . It is shockingly abusive and totally un Australian. This is supposed to be The Lucky Country . What a joke.

Susanne bosward