My father is quite ill with a condition that will eventually kill him, he is on borrowed time. Several times in 2013 he was admitted into the public hospital system and the outlook was not good. The only reason he is still with us is because of the unwavering dedication of the emergency and specialist doctors that attended to him. These men and women on the front line of health care are absolutely priceless, they need to be put on a pedestal and worshipped. These super humans are very well trained and absolutely dedicated to prolonging life, if there is the slightest chance of someone surviving they will fight against all odds to maintain that precious gift we call life. These doctors do not deserve to be treated with contempt and held to ransom, they deserve every cent they earn and every hard won condition they currently enjoy. It is criminal to take this situation to the brink, our doctors need, nay, must stay where they are. If we lose them our health system will fall apart. I beg of you Mr Premier and Minister to drop this nonsense and let these men and women do what they do well…heal the sick, fix the injured and sustain life.