Letter of support to medical staff:
I am a member of the public who uses the state governments public hospital services, including specialist services.

I remember the recent times where a lack of adequate medical staff resulted in members of the public being placed at risk by inappropriate staffing decisions. One of these times was at the Bundaberg Hospital. It involved members of the public losing their lives due to inadequate management of medical staff, such as medical staff being expected to work long hours with inadequate supports.

Since that time a response was made by the previous government to address these pressing concerns. Increases in medical and specialist staff have been made to public hospitals. Safer procedures were put in place of earlier procedures. These changes were absolutely necessary.

From my understanding, since the current Qld Government has come into power medical staff are again experiencing increased stressors, such as, longer hours and fewer supports.

Additionally, medical staff at public hospitals are now being coerced into signing agreements which are viewed by a majority of these professionals, and the solicitors that advise them, to be unsafe for them and the public who use their services.

As an Australian citizen and a Queensland residence, I want to state now that in my opinion it is not acceptable that medical staff, who provide medical support for members of the public, to be placed in situations that they believe are unsafe for them and for the members of the public.