attempt to escalate the current dispute between the Queensland Government and the state’s doctors and divert attention away from the real issue.

I make no apologies for doing everything possible to protect the interests of my members – the doctors of Queensland – and the Queensland public.

I am not a NSW based union official; I am full-time doctor and medical manager in the NSW public health system. I’ve worked in the health system for the past 30 years and am dedicated to the profession.

I’m proud of the national role my colleagues and I are playing to assist Queenslanders in protecting the public health system and the rights of the state’s doctors.

The Queensland Government’s attempts to push doctors onto unfair individual contracts is putting the state’s public health system at very serious risk. No amount of bullying tactics will stop doctors from doing everything we can to protect it.

I call on the Queensland Health Minister to recognise that cheap hits in a tabloid newspaper is not a way to way to resolve the dispute – negotiation is the only way forward.