More than 1850 doctors uninimously rejected the State Government’s contracts offer at a mass meeting in Brisbane last night, saying the contracts would put the Queensland public health system at risk.

Following a day of rallies across Brisbane, 1500 doctors attended the meeting at the Brisbane Convention Centre and more than 350 tuned in online to discuss the Government’s attempts to push doctors onto unfair individual contracts.

Keep Our Doctors campaign spokesperson and President of the Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation, Dr Tony Sara said the clear rejection of the offer should act as a wake up call to the Health Minister.

“This is the clearest sign yet that Queensland doctors won’t sign up to a contract that strips away vital conditions for them and their patients,” Dr Sara said.

“It’s time for the Health Minister to stop playing games and start seriously addressing the issue.

“Doctors from right across the state have made their concerns very clear. The Minister needs to immediately halt the roll-out of these unfair individual contracts and sit down with doctors representatives to work out a fair and reasonable solution.

“The Queensland public health system is too important to play politics with.”

Doctors have also begun a mass resignation process – signing resignation letters and handing them to their repsective unions to be processed down the track unless the State Government provides a fair offer.

“Doctors don’t want to leave the system, but the State Government has left us with no choice but to start going down this path,” Dr Sara said.

“Doctors can’t sign up a contract that doesn’t have the best interests of patients at its core.

“This is a decision that no doctor is taking lightly, but unfortunately unless the Government comes back to the table with offer that puts patient safety ahead of the needs of bureaucrats, we don’t have any other option.”

A number of resolutions were unanimously passed at the meeting of doctors last night including a call on the Goevrnemnt to implement legilsative changes to allow doctors to be able to negotiate fair terms and conditions of employment and for the Government to guarantee no doctor will be worse off for not signing the unfair contracts.