You may have seen an email from the Director-General this morning about the upcoming negotiations.

Unfortunately the email contained some misleading information.

As you will have read in the email sent by Keep Our Doctors last night, it is true that together doctors have finally forced the Government back to the negotiating table. This is a very positive sign and our negotiating team will be working hard over the coming days to achieve an outcome that puts your needs and the needs of your patients first.

Thanks to your dedication, and the dedication of your colleagues, we are in a good position.

But things aren’t as rosy as the Director-General would have you believe.

While things are moving in the right direction, there is still a long way to go in negotiations. The contracts still contain a number of areas of serious concern that mean that, as previously, they are unsafe.

For example – while the word ‘profitability’ has been removed, the contracts still allow for a doctor’s clinical autonomy to be limited by management.

And this is just one example. We are very hopeful that over the coming days these issues will be ironed out in discussions with the Government. But they haven’t been ironed out yet. The contracts as they stand are still unsatisfactory and cannot be recommended.

Nothing is not more important than a patient’s life and a patient’s right to the best possible treatment. We are very hopeful that we can negotiate a contract with the Government that recognises that.

Congratulations on getting the Government to this point. We are in a very good position.

The people of Queensland are counting on doctors to stay strong and work with the Government to deliver a contract that puts the needs of patients first. The public are backing you all the way.

Stay tuned – we’ll keep you updated on information as it comes to hand.

The Keep Our Doctors team

PS – A reminder that the Pineapple mass meeting has been postponed to allow for the negotiations with government to take place. The meeting will now take place next week, Wednesday 16 April.