More than 300 doctors and supporters rallied outside the Gold Coast Hospital yesterday, calling on the State Government to act to keep our doctors in the public health system.

Gold Coast doctors are refusing to sign the State Government’s unfair individual contracts, saying they put patient safety at risk and strip away the rights of doctors.

A number of resolutions were unanimously passed by the crowd including:

Motion to Gold Coast MP’s

“We call on our local MPs Mr Rob Molhoek, Miss Verity Barton, Mr John Paul Langbroek, Ms Ros Bates, Mr Michael Hart, Ms Jan Stuckey, Mr Ray Stevens, Mr Michael Crandon and Dr Alexander Douglas to stand up for our local community and ask the Queensland Premier Mr Campbell Newman and the Health Minister Mr Lawrence Springborg to sit down and renegotiate.

Restore our rights and stand up for our Doctors.”

Motion to Premier Mr Campbell Newman and Health Minister Mr Lawrence Springborg

“We call on the Health Minister to sit down and review the unfair contracts and re-issue a fair deal. One which restores rights to SMOs. A deal that demonstrates the good faith in SMOs that the community have in them.”