Hundreds of doctors in far north Queensland have voted against signing individual contracts proposed by the State Government.

The Together Union met doctors in Townsville last night, and Cairns earlier this week.

The union’s Dr Sandy Donald says the new arrangements would strip protections from being sacked and doctors could lose a third of their wages.

He says doctors working in the public sector are already looking for work in other states.

“Talking to the registrars that have just moved on from Cairns, virtually every single one of them is looking actively interstate and overseas for jobs,” he said.

“So the New Zealand Medical Association has issued an employment warning for Queensland. The Australian Society of Emergency Medicine has issued an employment warning.

“The Government has said it wants everyone to sign them by the 30th of July and undoubtedly will put unbearable pressure on management to force doctors to sign it but it’s unclear what happens.

“Certainly it looks like doctors who don’t sign will lose possibly a third of their income.”

Article source: ABC