Queenslanders are overwhelmingly opposed to the State Government’s attempts to push local doctors onto individual contracts, with polling results released today showing that 62 per cent of voters in the Premier’s own seat of Ashgrove oppose the move.

The ReachTELL poll of four key seats found that Queenslanders also believe the Premier’s plan to bring in foreign doctors if current doctors are forced to leave the system would have a negative impact on the state’s public hospitals. In Ashgrove, 74 per cent of voters think the move to bring in foreign doctors would be detrimental.

Keep Our Doctors spokesperson Dr Rob Thomas said the results show just how out of touch the State Government is with the community.

“The State Government’s attempts to force doctors to sign onto unfair individual contracts will have a serious and lasting impact on the Queensland public health system,” Dr Thomas said.

“It beggars belief that the Government is insisting on pushing these contracts through despite the obvious impact this will have on the public health system.

“These figures show that voters are overwhelmingly opposed to the Government’s push to force doctors to sign up to the unfair individual contracts.

“It’s time the Health Minister and Premier listened to the community and stopped this attack on our public health system.

“This attack on our public health system is hurting the Premier in his own backyard.

“Rather than trying to find a sensible solution to the problem, the Premier and Health Minister are actually daring doctors to leave to system. They says they’ll just bring in foreign doctors if our local doctors leave.

“It’s no doubt that the vast majority of Queenslanders aren’t happy with that approach – we’ve seen how that’s turned out in the past.

“The State Government has an opportunity to avert this health disaster by sitting down with doctors and negotiating an agreement that puts the needs of the community first.”

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