The Queensland Government is attempting to push the state’s doctors onto individual contracts that could force our most senior doctors out of the public health system.

The contracts would strip away vital working conditions like many significant provisions relating to fatigue management and allow doctors to be dismissed at any time for no reason.

Already doctors right across the state have voted against signing the contracts, but the Queensland Government seems determined to push ahead with its agenda of putting the needs of health bureaucrats ahead of those of the Queensland public.

The loss of senior doctors will have a huge impact on the quality of care in Queensland’s public hospitals including:

  • longer waits in emergency departments,
  • longer waiting lists for surgery, and
  • the loss of training for the next generation of doctors.

Leaving the Queensland public health system is not a decision that no doctor would take lightly, but the government’s push to downgrade conditions will force our doctors’ hands.

It’s our specialists in the firing line – those who run emergency departments, provide world best care and train the next generation of doctors coming into the Queensland system.  We can’t afford to lose them from our public health system.

Stand up for your public health system and our doctors by showing your support for the Keep Our Doctors campaign.

Want more detail on the contracts? See the FAQs here