I am an Allied Health professional who worked at the Townsville Teaching Hospital when I left university.

All of the team I worked with were exceedingly professional, wonderful with patients, and dedicated to the best health outcomes for each of those patients.

The doctors I worked alongside were tireless and amazing, constantly going above and beyond for their patients. Our service covered a large proportion of the northern part of Queensland and remote communities. For those patients, it took a lot of coordination and communication to organise their treatment and transfers, but it got done.

I could not have hoped for a better start to my own career, with the great encouragement and teaching I received from Queensland Health staff.

I also have to thank the Obstetrics and Gynaecology teams, who helped my best friend bring her three girls safely into the world, and for their care of her third child, giving her the best outcome possible by using an expensive but promising immunological regime. Without them, I would not have the joy of these three wonderful girls.

In my own experience as a patient in Queensland’s public health system, I could not have asked for more compassionate and kind treatment.

Everyone knows these doctors could make more in private practice; they could regulate their hours better and not have their medical knowledge undermined and questioned. Don’t betray regular Queenslanders by the falsehoods that you’ve been spreading, making these dedicated doctors out to be anything less than dedicated and community-minded professionals. They deserve to have say in their patient treatment, in their hours and workplaces, and that should not be up to a third-party not interested in their health or work-life balance. Not everyone can afford private health care, and we need a system that can support everyone.