Keep our doctors!


Ghandi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Indeed, this is a quote by which our senior QLD doctors live by, promoting the wellbeing of patients and ensuring optimal care for those in need. The Newman Government doesn’t understand the value of this ‘real wealth’ – they see money as the best indictor for patient care and will do anything to ensure that this erroneous system plagues our QLD hospitals. The implications of such a flawed system are horrific: if your father was rushed to hospital because of a heart attack at 5am, the doctor may not be able to administer optimal treatment because it was too expensive, or if your sibling got into a horrific car accident, the doctors may not be able to reduce complications because they can’t perform the procedure in the 2hr time slot allocated (by the Government) for a 10hr procedure in order to “improve” patient outcomes and efficiency. The reality is, all this is possible if us QLders don’t stand together and tell Newman what he is doing to our hospitals and senior medical officers is downright UNACCEPTABLE.

Newman and Springborg have put in place unacceptable contracts for doctors to sign, which not only remove job security for doctors, but also jeopardizes patient care on the basis that the Government will dictate treatment options. That means that when you’re in hospital, the Government, run by a health minister lacking a 10th grade education, will be deciding your treatment and not the doctors who have dedicated their life to this profession and have SWORN to look after the sick wholeheartedly. The latter is what doctors will be prevented from doing so if Newman doesn’t reconsider these contracts. As of this upcoming week, more than 2000 senior QLD doctors will resign from the public healthcare system if acceptable changes do not occur to these contracts. Where does this leave QLD and will happen to the sick in QLD that cannot afford private hospitals? You see QLDers, not only does this affect our senior doctors, who are not to mention humans as well, despite their superhuman efforts to keep QLDers healthy, but it also directly affects YOU! Who will treat you? Who will be there by your side when things go pear-shaped, medically? Who will be willing to altruistically sacrifice their family time, the upbringing of their children, or just simply being there for you in times of need if our senior doctors are gone? I still ask myself this question and have yet to find an answer. Personally, I don’t have private health insurance and so I depend on public hospitals and the expertise of the constituent senior doctors, which in my time of need have never failed me. I still remember the time I woke up from a concussion to the sight of a friendly smile freely given by a senior doctor, and the time I spent in hospital after getting food poison from my birthday cake, which of course wasn’t a pleasant experience, but made better by the caring nature of the attending doctors who frequently checked up on me. Now, I also rely on senior doctors in the public system for something else – my medical training. If senior doctors leave, who will teach us medical students and junior doctors, the future of medicine? Our senior QLD doctors are an invaluable source of knowledge and are vital for our training, and they do so at expense of their time, all in order to ensure that QLDers are cared for optimally.

Overall, all our QLD doctors want is the ability to fulfill their oath they took upon graduation – to do the best for their patients – and they should not be told how to do so by uneducated politicians. All our QLD doctors want is to ensure their job security, that they won’t be dismissed without reason, at any time, so that they too can provide for their families.

If you believe in our QLD doctors, if you believe in fairness and justice, and if you want to have continued access to the best healthcare globally, make sure you stand by our senior medical officers. Get in contact with your member of parliament and know that the fate of QLD health sits in YOUR hands and support.

John Girgis

Excellent service from PA Public Hospital


My husband was taken to the PA Hospital a year ago in an emergency. For the month that he was in hospital, I never ceased to be thankful that he was in a public hospital where the staff and the doctors were phenomenal in every way. We had been through the expensive private system for 18 years and, during that time, we never saw the same level of expertise or commitment as was evidenced at the PA Hospital. Doctors are to be congratulated on their dedication in this public domain. What is this government doing? Are they prepared to throw away this irreplaceable talent of medical expertise? Do they honestly think they can get replacement doctors who are as scarce as hen’s teeth? Isn’t a politician’s skill supposed to be his capacity to negotiate and come up with the best solution for society? Hitler got rid of the thinkers; he burnt their books; he tried to destroy the capacity of Germans to think; he inculcated fear. Are we almost there? God help Queensland – because we will need it!


Doctors and mental health services


I manage a public mental health service for children and young people with severe mental health problems. The service employs 23 experienced mental health clinicians most of whom have worked in this field for many years and all of whom are committed to the provision of quality mental health services.
Our ability to continue providing any ongoing mental health care disappears without our psychiatrists If our doctors leave we will effectively be unable to function within 4 weeks. Whilst our nursing and allied health professionals will continue to provide a service the governments own rules and standards make it impossible to meet safe practice standards without access to doctors.
Over recent months health public servants have been subjected to continuous attempts to devalue their efforts, integrity and comittment to their patients, culminating in the current cynical attacks on our medical colleagues. It is hard to escape the conclusion that the current crisis is the beginning of a strategy to dismantle public health care by destabilising a professional group that is critical to the functioning of every other health profession.
I do not readily make comment on such issues but as a clinician and manager responsible for the effective functioning of a group of mental health professionals I can not stand by and watch the crippling effect of uncertainty and insecurity on my colleagues


Brain surgery


After being diagnosed with a frontal lobe brain tumour I was admitted to the Gold Coast Hospital the following day. I am not in a position to be able to afford private health insurance and was therefore extremely grateful to have a top surgeon such as Dr Ellison Stephenson perform my operation. I saw her recently in outpatients and she led me by the hand to the consult room. Not only an amazing Doctor but a wonderfully compassionate woman to a public health patient.


keep our doctors


Without our smo’s Queensland’s public hospital system is in imminent danger of a collapse, which would take @ least several years to re-establish. Accredited Training positions will necessarily have to be un- accredited by National bodies @ fellowship, registrar, PHO & resident & medical student levels. That leaves no one to perform the medical duties of our public hospitals. …& it additionally leaves the rest of the health care staff …. nursing and Allied health, with no medicolegal directive re what our patients require,
I suspect sourcing professional indemnity insurance for such a scenario would & should be impossible.
…..and I haven’t even addressed the issue of lack of smo/vmo training TO said nursing and Allied health staff yet.
And all for the arrogance of our premier & health Minister.
PLUS…. who’s next. … bikeys, smo’s, vmo’s……allied health?. …. teachers?. … police?. … are they going to privatize them all. …. are we going to get any rebate on our taxes for all the $$’s saved???

gert hodder

We must support public health!


The loss of senior doctors will have a huge impact on the quality of care in Queensland’s public hospitals. We simply cannot afford to let this happen!