Without our smo’s Queensland’s public hospital system is in imminent danger of a collapse, which would take @ least several years to re-establish. Accredited Training positions will necessarily have to be un- accredited by National bodies @ fellowship, registrar, PHO & resident & medical student levels. That leaves no one to perform the medical duties of our public hospitals. …& it additionally leaves the rest of the health care staff …. nursing and Allied health, with no medicolegal directive re what our patients require,
I suspect sourcing professional indemnity insurance for such a scenario would & should be impossible.
…..and I haven’t even addressed the issue of lack of smo/vmo training TO said nursing and Allied health staff yet.
And all for the arrogance of our premier & health Minister.
PLUS…. who’s next. … bikeys, smo’s, vmo’s……allied health?. …. teachers?. … police?. … are they going to privatize them all. …. are we going to get any rebate on our taxes for all the $$’s saved???

gert hodder