My husband was taken to the PA Hospital a year ago in an emergency. For the month that he was in hospital, I never ceased to be thankful that he was in a public hospital where the staff and the doctors were phenomenal in every way. We had been through the expensive private system for 18 years and, during that time, we never saw the same level of expertise or commitment as was evidenced at the PA Hospital. Doctors are to be congratulated on their dedication in this public domain. What is this government doing? Are they prepared to throw away this irreplaceable talent of medical expertise? Do they honestly think they can get replacement doctors who are as scarce as hen’s teeth? Isn’t a politician’s skill supposed to be his capacity to negotiate and come up with the best solution for society? Hitler got rid of the thinkers; he burnt their books; he tried to destroy the capacity of Germans to think; he inculcated fear. Are we almost there? God help Queensland – because we will need it!